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Windscreen Kits

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The Windscreen Washing System is an important safety aspect of any road vehicle. A non working system is an MOT test failure in the UK. The washer system has a simple but very important function: to provide a jet of water to enable the windscreen to be cleaned.
This is done by a pump which sucks water from the windscreen washer bottle and pumps it through some tubing and delivers the water through the washer jets normally found on the bonnet. The water in conjunction with the windscreen wipers is used to clean the windscreen of the vehicle.

Our windscreen washer kits are a complete all in one solution and contain all the right components to install a complete new Windscreen Washer System in a 12V Vehicle. There are 2 types of systems available:
  • Standard Bottle type - suited to any modern car van 4x4
  • Bag type: suited mainly to period or classic cars.
Both of the above kits can be fitted in quickly without the need for any additional parts as the kit contains the washer bottle, 12 volt pump, tubing , connectors and push switch.